I love this girl very much. Right now she is my wife. I still love her as much. I want to share my love with her, show my love to her. I sometimes do things just to show her that I love her. These are some things that I do. 1. Watch a DVD together This is the what I love doing. On our weekends, I'll rent a nice DVD, knowing that she will love watching. I'll prepare some chips and red wine. Cuddling up the sofa, watching a nice movie, with chips and sipping red wine. What a romantic night to spend with your love one. 2. Saying "I love you" Married for three years, still today, I say "I love you" to my wife. This three words are the most powerful words on to show your love. Say This Is Why I Love You for the sake of saying, but say it with all the feelings of love. Look into her eyes, say it to her soul. I'll always get a hug for that. 3. Strolling after dinner I'll bring her to the park after dinner. Strolling while holding her hand. We'll always share our dreams and life while strolling. Catching up with each other's life due to the busy week we both had. 4. Write a book for her I wrote a book about us and gave it to her on one of her birthday. The book says about how we met each other till we decided to be an item. At times we'll still take out the book to read to rekindle that love that we have for each other 5. Email poems to her I usually use email for my work. Once a while I'll send love poems to her via email. This surprised her, because she knows my habit of using emails for work only. This simple act just make her beautify her day. 6. Handmade cards I love to make cards. I make cards to my wife in any occasions. I want her to have the only special kind where no others have. Only those that I made are special and unique. It doesn't need to be beautifully done up. All my cards are simple yet unique. Some cards don't even have any drawings or designs, just a coconut tree sketch by me. Although it's simple but it shows a lot about the love I have for her. This Is Why I Love You